Why Farida?

  • High yields: 40 ton per ha
  • Big size tubers
  • Good adaptation to adverse weather conditions
  • Better Late blight and scab resistance than Spunta
  • Yields in second season higher than Spunta
  • Tasty

Variety characteristics:

  • Cooking type: slightly mealy
  • Harvestable crop from 120 days onwards
  • Yield mature: higher than Spunta: 40 ton per ha
  • Tuber size: large
  • Tuber shape: oval/long-oval
  • number of tubers: 9-11
  • Flesh colour after cooking: light yellow
  • Skin colour: yellow
  • Dry matter content: 19,2 %
  • Foliage blight: susceptible
  • Tuber blight: resistant
  • Common scab: nearly resistant


  • Row distance: at least 75 cm
  • Planting distance: 35 cm
  • Planting depth: normal


  • Adapt fertilizer program according to data of soil analysis;
  • N: Farida uses the same quantity of N as Spunta. We recommend 250 ton nitrogen per ha (including soil supply);
  • N: a split gift of N is advisable as this will keep the plant vital for longer, with 2/3 before planting and 1/3 at flowering/tuberisation
  • Phosphorous and Potassium/Kalium according to standard use


  • Take the seed out of the cold store on time, at around 2 to 3 weeks prior to planting. Planting is done best with tuber in ‘white buds stadium’: see photo; place bags in ventilated area at ambient temperature. Do not pile the bags up;
  • Do not de-sprout in order to prevent little potato disorder

Growing attention points

  • Can be grown on all soil types;
  • Sencor: a ¼ of the dose advised on the packing is advisable; make sure to apply prior to emergence, otherwise foliage damage (burning) can occur : if a ridging hiller is used, Sencor treatment can probably be omitted, depending on weed pressure.
  • Spray timely and regularly in order to prevent Late blight in the foliage

Haulmkilling and harvest

Take care of a good skin set period before harvesting, to harden the skin completely.