Agri Technology

Technology in the fight against phytophtora

Phytophtora has stricken Libya in recent years, resulting in dramatic decreases in yields, with growers loosing up to as much as a third of their crop. Key in the battle against phytophthora are not only varieties with better resistance, but also agri-technical support systems that advise growers concretely when to spray to prevent the spreading of the disease to their tubers. Being able to administer crop protection in the right way and at the right time, i.e. only when necessary and not overdosing, not only enables maximum and accurate disease prevention & control, but also means substantially less costs, both financially as well as environmentally.

Save on production costs

The same can be said for other agricultural inputs such as water and fertilizer. As a rule of thumb up to a quarter or third of water costs can be saved if irrigation is accompanied by an agri-technical measuring and monitoring system. Too much fertilizer at the wrong time can interfere with yields, as too much fertilizer is wasted on foliage growth, impeding the plant to invest in tuber growth.

Dacom: innovative & practical agri-tech systems

We provide agri-tech systems from Dacom, an innovative high-tech company that develops and supplies Agri Yield Management systems to arable farms around the world. The Dacom system offers growers practical solutions for profitable and sustainable agriculture. By combining sensor technology, internet and scientific knowledge, growers can continuously monitor and fine-tune their production process throughout the growing season.