Major changes & market opportunities

chipsLibyan potatoes ready for export

In recent years Libya has undergone major changes, that have also left their mark on the Libyan potato market. Opportunities have arisen in various market segments, such as processing for French fries & crisps, as well as export. The local market is also experiencing change as Libyan consumers increasingly look for more variety in the potato products on offer.

In response to these opportunities Libyan growers and entrepreneurs face a lot of decisions, often with costly investments and long term consequences: how to mechanise potato cultivation, how to maximise yields and prevent diseases during the growing season & how to safeguard these yields in storage, how to prepare for retail and export, and the all-important question: which varieties to choose for the coming years?

Since its foundation in 2007 NedaLibya helps Libyan potato growers and entrepreneurs in the potato business make the right decisions by offering advice and quality products to support them throughout the potato chain, i.e. in their production process from starting material to final product.


Investment in export

hand with turba libyaLibya’s sandy-loamy soil forms an ideal potato nursery

The quality of Libyan soil (Turba Libya) is unique, it’s ideally suited for growing consumption potatoes. Contact us if you wish to experience Libyan quality first-hand and import Libyan potatoes.

NedaLibya also assists Libyan and foreign growers/investors with an eye for the potential of Turba Libya to set up an efficient & profitable Libya-based potato production for export. We offer advice and high quality starting material, machinery, solutions for storage & handling, agritech systems and agri inputs for projects from start to finish.



Our vision is long term. We work with partners that offer quality, durability and trustworthiness. We like to extend this line of mutual trust & confidence to all our business relations; our aim is a long lasting & mutually beneficial business relationship, based on respect.