As is vital & good practice each year, the season’s order of HZPC potatoes for the Libyan market was inspected before loading in the harbour of Beverwijk, the Netherlands. The inspection was done not only by experts in the field of HZPC it self, but also by experienced representatives of the Libyan Food Inspection Service, the Agricultural Research Centre as well as the Department of Horticulture.

Together these professionals inspected up to 4 bags out of each truck arriving in the port. These bags were picked randomly, after which their weight was checked, as each bag has to contain at least 50 kilogram. The bags were then emptied on to the inspection line where the potatoes were checked thoroughly not only on quality, size and appearance, but also on the absence of diseases & pests. After inspection, the trucks proceeded to the quay where the pallets were loaded into the ship’s hold. Inside the ship the temperature is kept low and constant in order to provide the best possible climate for the potatoes during shipment.

After inspection the inspectors issued a certificate stating all seeds loaded into the vessel were free of quarantine diseases and otherwise met all required inspection standards as laid down in bilateral agreements between the Dutch and Libyan governments.
Upon arrival the seeds were sampled and checked again by the Libyan Food Inspection Service before they were discharged and released for further transport.

With the quality of this year’s seed potatoes thus guaranteed, we sincerely hope this will be a successful season for all farmers. We hope to back soon with growing tips to help farmers make the most of their HZPC seed potatoes.