It is with great pleasure that NedaLibya announces the companies Europlant and Royal ZAP as their partners for the import of seed potatoes. Let’s introduce you to our new suppliers:


The roots of the Europlant Group actually date back to 1890 when Georg Friedrich Böhm established his first breeding station in Hessen in Germany. This early start soon grew into an extensive network of associated breeders, breeding & maintenance stations, with several multipliers at favorable EU-sites, all of which since 1992 are cooperating under the name Europlant Group.


Its headquarters based in Germany, the company is represented in all of Europe’s most important seed potato producing regions. On a yearly basis Europlant Group creates new genetic variations through more than 1.000 breeding combinations, and trades around 250.000 tons seed potatoes.

Europlant is looking forward to helping Libyan farmers find the right variety for growing under Libyan conditions. Currently two varieties are being grown in Libya: the variety Jelly, a tasty table potato as well as a high yielding variety suitable for French fries, as well as Donata, a high yielding variety of long oval shape, very tasty and also suitable for the traditional market as well as French fries.

Royal ZAP

Just as Europlant, Royal ZAP dates back a long time. In fact, the prefix Royal was granted in 2013 to celebrate the centenary of the company which has its origins in 1913 when the Zaaizaadvereniging Anna Paulowna, in short ZAP, was founded in the village of Anna Paulowna in the Dutch Province of Noord Holland. Initially the cooperative growers' organisation only dealt in cereal seeds, but that changed in 1926 when seed potatoes were added to the company’s portfolio. Careful selection & dedication combined with unique climatic conditions have guaranteed healthy seed potatoes and cereal seeds ever since.

In 2017 Royal ZAP strengthened its position by taking over Semagri Holland, a well-known trading company and producer of high-quality starch potatoes. By working closely with independent growers in the Netherlands and foreign breeding companies Royal ZAP is able to offer a wide range of new varieties that are exported across the world. Today Royal ZAP is proud to be the only remaining independent cooperative growers' organization in the Netherlands.

Libyan farmers might have already grown Royal ZAP without knowing it, as until 8 years ago Royal ZAP used to grow Spunta every year for the overseas export of HZPC.

royal zap field

For those farmers who are keen on trying new varieties, please contact us via phone, WhatsApp, Viber, Facebook or the contact page on our website, and we will keep you posted on the progress of this season’s varieties, both in Libya as well as in the Netherlands.