It’s the 4th of September, the celebration of the first National Potato Harvest Day in the Netherlands, and all Europlant growers on this day are busy harvesting their crop. Among them farmer Maris; he is harvesting both Jelly and Donata grown on the heavy clay soil of his farm in Slootdorp in the northern tip of the province of North Holland. Mr. Maris is very satisfied with this year’s product and hopes to export it to Libya; the tubers are good in size and there is no scab in sight! His estimated yield of Jelly is 30 ton per ha in the size 35-55 mm and 10 ton 55-65 mm.

Above you can see the video's of the Jelly’s being harvested.

And here above are the video’s of the Donata’s of Mr. Maris being harvested. The conditions for harvest are excellent: it is dry, sunny weather and the potatoes are covered in a small layer of soil protecting them from mechanical damage and bruising. Mr. Maris is using a self propelled harvester from the brand Grimme. The estimated yield of his Donata’s is 35 ton per ha; Mr. Maris is really satisfied and is hoping to export his Donata’s world wide.