Sorting & Packing

Prerequisites for storage & handling

Storage & sorting, sorting & storage: one cannot exist without the other. With a good sorting line (i.e. grading & inspection unit) growers/entrepreneurs can quickly & effectively sort out what is going into storage and what not: such as undersize they want to return to growers immediately, or oversize fresh from the land that will fetch a good price at market straight away. This way no storage capacity is wasted, and inspection of the crop to go into storage is made more efficient & easier. Removal of any damaged & diseased potatoes is vital, as only healthy potatoes can be stored succesfully.

Indispensable for export & retail

Grading & inspection are not only practical for meeting local market demands, for export they are simply indispensable. Anyone who has ventured into the fickle business that potato export is, knows that being able to prepare a timely delivery of uniform size & quality is key. Mechanized sorting & packing not only saves on labour costs, it also ensures the constant performance needed to build a reputation for dependability.

Schouten: product-friendly sorting & packing equipment for every capacity

We offer the sorting & packing equipment of Schouten. This third generation family business designs & produces sorting lines that are renowned amongst growers for their product-friendliness and practicality. Schouten’s down-to-earth advice, based on factual & realistic planning helps potato growers worldwide choose the right capacity line for their circumstances. Whether it is 3 or 30 tons per hour you wish to sort, whether it is bags of 2 or 50 kilos, or of over a ton you wish to pack, a Schouten sorting & packing line handles your crop with the utmost care and ensures your potatoes will reach their destination accurately sorted & damage-free. Have a look at Schouten’s solutions for sorting & packing: